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The Atlantic Meets the Pacific | Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Oct 3rd

the atlantic meets the pacific

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Lab Tours

The Atlantic Meets the Pacific is enhanced by exclusive “insider” visits to groundbreaking research labs and interactive laboratories.

Registered attendees will select one of the first five labs listed below to tour on Thursday afternoon, October 3rd. Information on lab tour sign-up will be emailed to all registered attendees. On Friday, October 4th, all attendees will be invited to participate in tours at Calit2.

Please note there will be considerable walking, including up and down stairs, and standing at the various labs. If you need special consideration, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Oct 3rd

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Oct 3rd

Studying the Oceans: Climate Change & Drug Discovery
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093

UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography is one of the oldest, largest, and most important centers for ocean, Earth and atmospheric science research, education, and public service in the world. Scripps research spans the realms of sea, air, land, and life in efforts to determine how Earth systems work and interact. Among the hundreds of research programs under way at Scripps, many are multidisciplinary, linking discoveries in one subject to advances in other studies. Scripps undergraduate and graduate programs provide transformative educational and research opportunities in ocean, Earth, and atmospheric sciences.
Before touring the labs, participants will hear from Dr. Margaret Leinen, Director of Scripps, and Professor of Geochemistry, Dr. Ralph F. Keeling. Dr. Leinen has extensive experience in ocean science, global climate, and environmental issues. A distinguished, award-winning oceanographer and an accomplished executive, Dr. Leinen joins UC San Diego after seven years at the National Science Foundation (NSF), serving as Assistant Director for Geosciences and Coordinator of Environmental Research and Education. As a professor in the Geosciences Research Division at Scripps, Professor Keeling’s work focuses on climate change, changes in atmospheric composition, ocean biogeochemistry, and carbon cycling. Since 2005 he has also directed the Scripps CO2 program (begun by his father, Charles D. Keeling), which sustains the iconic record of carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa and other sites.

Chemistry and Biology of Oceanic Organic Matter
Dr. Lihini Aluwihare, Associate Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. Aluwihare’s lab and research focuses on the interactions between organic molecules, microorganisms, and the global cycles of carbon and nitrogen. She is specifically interested in identifying the imprint of biological communities and processes on the composition of organic compounds in aquatic environments. Dr. Aluwihare’s research philosophy is to identify challenging and globally significant problems, and to design experimental approaches to solve these problems. Using analytical chemical tools, geochemical tools, and radiocarbon measurements, Dr. Aluwihare hopes to gain a better understanding of the nature and timescale of biogeochemical transformations of carbon and nitrogen in modern, aquatic environments – knowledge that is essential for predicting the biosphere’s response to global change.

Drug Discovery from the Oceans
Dr. Bradley S. Moore, Professor of Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Diego
Dr. Moore’s lab research is focused on the biosynthesis and bioengineering of marine microbial natural products, and in the discovery of new enzyme biocatalysts. Microbial biodiversity remains one of the last great biotic frontiers, and developing effective strategies to discover and exploit new small molecules from this resource is integral to the success of future drug discovery efforts. Dr. Moore has authored or co-authored over 130 publications on the chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics of natural product drug leads and toxins from (primarily) marine microorganisms. His marine pharmaceutical biosynthesis and genomics research has been recognized through numerous international lectureships, awards, and recognitions.

Changing Oceans: The Impact of Humans
Dr. Jennifer Smith, Assistant Professor in Marine Ecology and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. Smith is a coral reef ecologist with primary expertise in benthic communities (marine plants, corals and other invertebrates). Dr. Smith’s research focuses on understanding the impact of humans on marine ecosystems in tropical and temperate environments. By understanding how local stressors, such as pollution, overfishing, or the introduction of invasive species affect coral reefs, Dr. Smith hopes to identify effective management and conservation strategies for restoring or preserving coastal marine life. In addition to local stressors, Dr. Smith studies global stressors, such as ocean warming and acidification, and how they might alter reef species. Much of the research in Smith’s lab is focused on marine conservation and restoration of degraded habitats.

  • 02 oct
    Wednesday, October 2
    Scripps Seaside Forum
    5:30 PM:
    Registration and Cocktail Reception
    6:30 PM:
    7:30 PM:
    Welcome and Headline Interview
    • Roni Zeiger
    8:15 PM:
    Big Data, Big Disease, Mining for Medical Breakthroughs
    • Russ Altman
    • Eric Horvitz
    • Steve Miller
    9:00 PM:
    Closing Remarks
  • 03 oct
    Thursday, October 3
    Scripps Seaside Forum
    8:00 AM:
    8:55 AM:
    Welcome and Headline Interview
    • Deepak Chopra
    9:30 AM:
    What’s next in Medical IT: Wireless Health and Wearable Trends
    • Todd Coleman
    • Mick Ebeling
    • Ian Shakil
    • Halle Tecco
    10:20 AM:
    Virtual Headline Interview
    • Siddhartha Mukherjee
    11:00 AM:
    Scanning the Horizon: Accelerating Innovation in Cancer Care
    • Scott Lippman
    • David Sadava
    • Christopher Slapak
    • Greg Sorensen
    • Kristiina Vuori
    12:00 PM:
    Buffet Lunch
    1:15 PM:
    Chronic diseases: How Technology Is Changing the Patient Experience
    • Pat Christen
    • Naser Partovi
    • Jordan Shlain
    • Peter Yu
    2:00 PM:
    Closing Remarks
    2:30 – 4:30 PM:
    Lab Tours (attendees tour one of five institutes)
    5:30 PM:
    Cocktail Reception
    6:30 PM:
    7:30 PM:
    Welcome and Headline Interview: How Far Away is a Cure for Cancer?
    • Clifton Leaf
    8:15 PM:
    Headline Interview: Transformative Trends in Medicine
    • Eric Topol
    9:00 PM:
    Closing Remarks
  • 04 oct
    Friday, October 4
    Calit2's Qualcomm Institute
    8:00 AM:
    8:55 AM:
    Welcome and Headline Interview: Future Trends in Technology
    • Chris Anderson
    9:40 AM:
    Technology for Social Change
    • Clark Gibson
    • Jamie Alexandre
    • Peggy Johnson
    10:20 AM:
    Headline Interview: Global Health and Global Threats
    • Laurie Garrett
    11:10 AM:
    Living Longer, Living Smarter: Innovations in Longevity Research
    • Kunal Sarkar
    • Larry Smarr
    • Deborah Szekely
    12:00 PM:
    Buffet Lunch and Lab Tours on Visualization Technology
    1:15 PM:
    Brain Mapping: Pushing the Frontiers of Neurology
    • Nicholas Spitzer
    • Kris Famm
    • Ralph Greenspan
    2:00 PM:
    Closing Remarks
  • *Please Note: All speakers confirmed, dates and times subject to change.
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The Locations

La Jolla, California

Scripps Seaside Forum

Find a Hotel

The Atlantic and UC San Diego have negotiated a discounted rate for our attendees at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club and will run a shuttle from the property to our various event venues. When calling for a reservation, please reference “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific”.

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
2000 Spindrift Drive
La Jolla, CA
(888) 828-0948

For a list of other hotels in the area,
please click here.

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